Castelli Chapter III 1.11 Shorts

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  • 9200100.074.OS.31S
By: David Millar When racing I used the Body Paint short. I still own the first prototypes that... mehr
Produktinformationen "Castelli Chapter III 1.11 Shorts"
By: David Millar

When racing I used the Body Paint short.
I still own the first prototypes that I tested because I loved them so much.

Body Paint because they are one piece of engineered seamless Lycra. These differ from the race version by being more luxurious; no race minimalism has been applied here. The Lycra has increased multi-directional properties and a density that makes it heavier and smoother to the touch.

We have made the bibs feel more like braces than elastic bands.

The chamois is the same tech as I used to race with, only with a design in tribute to a good friend, Crispin Latymer, whom I introduced to cycling yet forgot to educate on the finer points of dressing.

On his first ride he wore the shorts inside out, thinking it made total sense for the chamois to be in direct contact with the saddle. These shorts are designed for everyday, all-weather use. Just please keep the chamois on the inside.

Hochdichtes Lycra
Verstärkte Träger
Texturierter Beingripper
Aus einem Stück Stoff gefertigt
Eine Hose für jede Gelegenheit, bei jedem Wetter
  • Atmungsaktivität: 4
  • Winddichtigkeit: 1
  • Wasserdichtigkeit: 1
  • Isolierung: 1
  • Gewichtseinsparung: 4
  • 15–35 °2
  • Rosso Corsa
  • Progetto X2
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