Castelli Chapter III K61 Jacket 1.41

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  • 9200112.081.RF.36T
By: David Millar Bad weather jacket, water-repellent + windproof + breathable. Designed for... mehr
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By: David Millar

Bad weather jacket, water-repellent + windproof + breathable. Designed for riding in storms (or hiding under bridges).

K61 Marina Cove, Hebe Haven. That was my Hong Kong home, and where I first began road cycling. For those who don’t know, HK is in Southeast Asia, which means it has a monsoon season and with it come typhoons, which in any other part of the world would be called hurricanes. This jacket is designed for bad weather, the kind of weather I actually used to enjoy riding in back in my HK days. It is constructed to keep you dry when you have no choice but to get wet. It’s made of a water-repellent and windproof material that also breathes.

Unlike traditional rain jackets it is tailored to fit, meaning that on the bike you won’t feel like you’re dragging a parachute, and if the weather is too atrocious you can also sit in a café and not look like you’ve been shipwrecked. I chose Rosso Fuoco primarily because of the visibility it offers, because often when you’re caught in a storm there are only two concerns: protection from the weather and protection from vehicles. The K61 is designed to protect you.

Outstanding breathability from the 70g eVent waterproof fabric
Tailored cut with darts to give a refined silhouette
All seams are taped for complete waterproofing
Folds down to fit in a jersey pocket
Waterpoof zipper
Zippered front pocket with storm flap
Buttoned cuffs can be folded up to look right in the café, or folded down and closed tight to seal out the elements when riding
Fire red colour for visibility
  • Atmungsaktivität: 4
  • Winddichtigkeit: 5
  • Wasserdichtigkeit: 5
  • Isolierung: 3
  • Gewichtseinsparung: 4
  • 15–35 °C
  • Rosso Corsa
  • Progetto X2
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