Silca Pista Orange Standpumpe

Silca Pista Orange Standpumpe
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  • AM-PU-001-ASY-0100
The modern Pista preserves the beautiful aesthetics of the original, but improves on the design... mehr
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The modern Pista preserves the beautiful aesthetics of the original, but improves on the design in some very important ways. The gauge has been updated to a much higher precision +/-3% accuracy (compared to the original +/-5%) while adding reinforcement to the base which protects the gauge from damage and impact. The modern Pista handle is a near reincarnation of the original 1962 Bakelite handle with the two hose grooves that allowed the pump to lay as flat as possible in the trunk of a car or in a drawer. For this handle, the team at SILCA has specified Ash for its incredible strength and stability, which allows the wood to be CNC machined to even tighter tolerances. Full metal construction ensures a lifetime of flawless performance and reliability. The steel barrel and piston shaft are upgrades in quality and durability from the previous Pista designs adding linear glide bushings for ultimate smoothness; while the slightly enlarged foot guarantees improved stability without sacrificing portability.

Durable, high strength Steel barrel
Compact Ash wood handle with hose guides
High efficiency SILCA leather plunger piston design
Brass check-valve assembly
Long filler hose with integrated Schrader chuck
Push on alloy Presta chuck with bleeder valve
Rated to 220psi
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