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Silca SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition Standpumpe
Silca SuperPista Ultimate, Standpumpe silber für Presta- und Schrader-Ventile, Griffe aus Rosenholz, 0-11 Bar, 0-160 Psi, 3,2 kg Inklusive des berühmten Silca Hiro-Pumpaufsatzes
Fr. 378.30 * Fr. 445.00 *
Silca Super Pista Digital Standpumpe
This third generation Silca SuperPista combines all of the handcrafted elements which have made SuperPista the go-to pump of the ProTour for more than 30 years, with our two most mechanic and consumer requested features: a high accuracy...
Fr. 254.20 * Fr. 299.00 *
Silca T-Handle Folio Kit
We've spent over a year developing these tools and bag based on feedback from pro mechanics, pro cyclists and amateurs alike. We've studies fits, tolerances, use cases, ergonomics and finishes to ensure that this heirloom quality kit...
Fr. 182.80 * Fr. 215.00 *
Silca Impero Ultimate Frame Pump
Effizienteste Rahmenpumpe der Welt (112 Hübe = 100 Psi) Für Presta- und Schrader-Ventile und Rohrdurchmesser von 1 – 2,5" 100-%-Metallkonstruktion, kein Plastik 2-stufig gedichteter Elastomerpumpkopf Silikondämpfer schützen die...
Fr. 169.20 * Fr. 199.00 *
Silca Maratona Gear Bag
The Maratona Gear Bag was designed as a cycling specific travel bag for those weekend riding trips and races, yet is versatile enough to be used as a general travel bag. Our designers used feedback gathered from both professional and...
Fr. 169.20 * Fr. 199.00 *
Silca Pista Plus Standpumpe
Widerstandsfähiger Zylinder, Eschenholzgriffe, original Silca-Leder-Tauchkolbendesign Präzises 64-mm-Manometer Langer Schlauch mit integrierten Schraderaufsatz, Presta-Aufsatz mit Entlüftungsventil Bis 220 PSI/15 Bar
Fr. 135.20 * Fr. 159.00 *
Kask Mojito
Kask Mojito
Der mehrfache Testsieger – exzellente Passform, beste Belüftung, geringstes Gewicht M = 48–58 cm, 220 g L = 59–62 cm, 250 g
Fr. 118.63 * Fr. 169.47 *
Silca Tattico Buetooth Mini-Pump
Now you can fine tune pressures out on the cyclocross course rather than head for the pits during your pre-ride. You can repair punctures with 0.5psi accuracy whether you're in your garage, your hotel room or trailside on the Great...
Fr. 118.20 * Fr. 139.00 *
Silca HX-One Home and Travel Essential Kit
Profi-Level Innensechskant-Schlüsselset Bester S2-Werkzeugstahl, Chrombeschichtung, Polymergriffe Werkzeugbox aus Buchenholz, handgeschliffen, Magnetverschluss Hex 2/2,5/3/4/5/6/8/10 mm, Phillips 1/2, Flat 5/1, Torx 8/10/15/20/25/30, Bit...
Fr. 114.80 * Fr. 135.00 *
Silca Silca Pocket Impero
Pocketversion der effizientesten Rahmenpumpe der Welt Für Presta- und Schrader-Ventile und Rohrdurchmesser von 1 – 2,5" 100-%-Metallkonstruktion, kein Plastik 2-stufig gedichteter Elastomerpumpkopf 290 g
Fr. 114.80 * Fr. 135.00 *
Silca Ypsilon Home Kit
Like everything we do at SILCA, Ypsilon was designed by a team of engineers and mechanics who obsess over every fine detail. Unlike traditional Y-wrench designs, Ypsilon is customizable and adaptable to the mechanic’s preferences. We...
Fr. 101.20 * Fr. 119.00 *
Silca T-Ratchet + Torque Kit
The World's Smallest and Lightest Multi-Tool with 2-8Nm Torque Measurement! "As with every Silca product I have previously come into contact with, the quality and finish of every component is impeccable...I’ve verified its reading...
Fr. 101.20 * Fr. 119.00 *
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