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Silca T-Handle Folio Kit
We've spent over a year developing these tools and bag based on feedback from pro mechanics, pro cyclists and amateurs alike. We've studies fits, tolerances, use cases, ergonomics and finishes to ensure that this heirloom quality kit...
Fr. 182.80 * Fr. 215.00 *
Silca HX-One Home and Travel Essential Kit
Profi-Level Innensechskant-Schlüsselset Bester S2-Werkzeugstahl, Chrombeschichtung, Polymergriffe Werkzeugbox aus Buchenholz, handgeschliffen, Magnetverschluss Hex 2/2,5/3/4/5/6/8/10 mm, Phillips 1/2, Flat 5/1, Torx 8/10/15/20/25/30, Bit...
Fr. 114.80 * Fr. 135.00 *
Silca Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage
- Aerospace Technology Not Used Previously in the Bike Industry. - Handmade by Lasers. - Behind the Scenes Access to Weld and Fatigue Testing. - Updates from Our Test Athletes. - Product Updates from SILCA Engineering Team. - Elongated...
Fr. 75.70 * Fr. 89.00 *
Silca Phone Wallet
The design for this Ultra Premium Waxed Canvas bag began not with the items it would hold, but rather with the pocket it would go in. The SILCA Phone Wallet is sized to the height and width of a standard jersey pocket. This starting...
Fr. 41.70 * Fr. 49.00 *
Silca Presta Chuck 17-4 Stainless Steel
Iconic Silca Presta Head Design - in use by more pro team and shop mechanics than any other! 17-4 Stainless Material, 6X the strength and 2X the hardness of Brass Full Synthetic Elastomer 242 Gasket 5X the durability of traditional...
Fr. 35.70 * Fr. 42.00 *
Silca RVC Removable Valve Core Extensions
SILCA Removable Valve Core Extensions: Simple, air-tight installation without tape or threadseal, while reducing noise and vibration on the road. That dreaded valve stem 'click' has tortured many a deep-section wheel rider over the...
Fr. 21.30 * Fr. 25.00 *
Silca Locking Schrader Chuck
Lever locking design holds tight on all Schrader valves, simply depress lever, slide onto valve and release. For optimal sealing, chuck may be tightened down onto valve further by rotating. Environmentally friendly electroless nickel...
Fr. 18.70 * Fr. 22.00 *
Silca Thread On Schrader Chuck
This Schrader chuck has a hose barb on one end and threads onto Schrader valves on the other. This comes from the same vendor who supplied them for SILCA pumps for more than 25 years and makes a great replacement, or addition if you are...
Fr. 12.70 * Fr. 14.90 *
Silca Elastomerdichtung 252
Dichtung 252 für Pumpaufsatz «Hiro»
Fr. 9.40 * Fr. 11.00 *
Silca Elastomerdichtung 323 für Silca Impero
Silca Elastomerdichtung 323 für Silca Impero. Passt auf die klassische Impera Rahmenpumpen sowie drei Vintage Silca Pumpenköpfe. Drehbar für Presta- und Schrader-Ventile.
Fr. 9.40 * Fr. 11.00 *
Silca Elastomerdichtung 242 für SuperPista
Silca Elastomerdichtung 242, für Standpumpe SuperPista Ultimate Presta Einsatz
Fr. 9.40 * Fr. 11.00 *
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